26,36,38,42,44 Essex Road

36 Essex Road Limited Partnership, John J. Bruni Managing Partner requests Comprehensive Permit approval, pursuant to MGL Ch. 40B, to construct one hundred ninety-four (194) residential rental units, of which forty-nine (49) units would be affordable to households ateighty-percent (80%) of median income at 26 Essex Road (54A/14A);  36 Essex Road 54C/22); 38 Essex Road 54C/22A;42 Essex Road (54C/23); and 44 Essex Road (54C/24).

Essex Rd 40B Archi DesignClocker 1-17-19

1.10.19 Davis Square Essex Rd Doc request

11-12-18 Essex Pastures Bayside Analysis of Northgate Rd/Heartbreak Rd

10.16.18 Essex Pastures TEC 2nd Peer Review

9.12.18 Essex Rd Peer Review

Bayside peer review response 10.9.2018

11-26-2018 Essex Pastures 40B revised plans 2 pgs

2002 21E Report for 26-44 Essex Road

Comprehensive Permit on Essex Road